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Hydro massage effects

Hydro-massage bathtubs are becoming more and more an inherent part of our everyday lives. They are praised not only for their relaxation effect but also for their curative effects.
Massage is from way back known for the outstanding effects on human health and on body and mind condition.
Hydro-massage bathtubs use natural elements, that is water and air, to raise the relaxation and curative effects.
Water is known for its purifying effects and the air is important for our skin to breathe. The inclusion of both elements in the massage helps to purify the body from harmful substances and to supply it with the oxygen.

Air massage (Airpool system)

Air massage strongly influences the lymph system and our mental condition.
  • insomnia (calms the mind and prepares the body for sleep)
  • less serious neuroses
  • stress
  • locomotory system diseases
  • rheumatic problems
  • neurological diseases
  • feverish diseases
  • post-phlebitic syndrome
  • pain relief

Water massage (Whirlpool system)

This type of massage is the best choice for curing health troubles. It helps to improve blood circulation and blood supply into organs and muscles, soothes muscle convulsions, and it is beneficial for the whole locomotory system.

Curative effects of water massage:
  • improves blood supply of organs, muscles, and skin
  • improves blood circulation
  • soothes muscle convulsions
  • it's beneficial for the locomotory system, helps to relieve pain of joints, muscles and ligaments
  • reduces swelling and bruising
  • prevention of cellulite

Combined massage (Combipool system)

Combined massage is a combination of both above mentioned hydro-massage systems – water and air. Combined massage has similar effects to those of standard mechanical massage, but it is softer and aimed. Combined massage, together with the thermo-effect of warm water, eases and recovers the body more naturally then standard massage. It is ideal for those who want to indulge themselves in complete massage and use the bathtub also for relaxation.

Hydrotherapy helps the physiological processes in organism to perform properly, it affects the local and overall state of organism. It improves the post-injury and post-illness states and helps in the prevention of illnesses.

Recommended massage length: The recommended massage length is 20 minutes aside from the frequency. You can use your bathtub every day regardless of the age and sex. Hydrotherapy is not recommended for cardiac patients. Pregnant women should use hydro-massage only with their doctor's permission.

Caution: the length of hydro massage and the temperature of the water should always be consulted with the physician according to current state of health.
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