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Hydro-massage system model

Hydro-massage system model
Whirlpool Pump Micro-jet Mini-jet Air regulator Heating Suction Water level sensor ISB ION Scalebuster StreamClean disinfection rinse Airpool Air compressor Air-jet Lighting / Chromotherapy Electronic control panel Control electronics Frame Automatic bathtub set
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Whirlpool (intensive water massage) – jets on the sides of the bathtub deeply massage muscles with the water stream or mixture of water and air.


Pump – creates water pressure for the water massage system (Whirlpool)


Micro-jet – water massage jet. Uses the water pressure for deep compressive massage of the back or feet. Hydro-massage system is equipped with 3-7 jets in the area of the back or feet.


Mini-jet – water massage jet. Uses the water pressure for deep compressive massage of the body sides. Hydro-massage system (Whirlpool) is usually equipped with 6 jets on the sides of the bathtub.

Air regulator

Air regulator – sets the intensity on the water massage (Whirlpool) by regulating the amount of air sucked into jets (the more air the more intense massage) in systems without electronic control of intensity of the water massage according to rotation speed of the pump (Lux).


Heating – keeps the set temperature of the bath while the pump is operating


Suction – serves as input part of the water feeder of the pump.

Water level sensor

Water level sensor – in all the systems with electronic control. It protects the pump from waterless work. It indicates water level in systems with automatic watering, disinfection and drying.

ISB ION Scalebuster

ISB ION Scalebuster – zinc anode self-cleaning system. It protects the distribution tubes and all attached appliances from corrosion (if the tubes contains corrodible materials) and scale sedimentation. It also kills the dangerous Legionella bacteria.

StreamClean disinfection rinse

StreamClean disinfection rinse – new generation cleaning system. By means of clean water stream (house tap water) mixed with disinfection agent, keeps the distribution tubes clean and prevents unfavourable micro-organisms from growing in hardly approachable parts of the system. The process is fully automatic. In the air massage systems (Airpool), the distribution tubes are automatically dried up. The cycle lasts 4 minutes, the water consumption is under 9 l (according to water pressure). System allows automatic watering of the bathtub up to a water level sensor.


Airpool (relaxation air massage) – soft massage of the body surface by the air bubbles coming from jets at the bottom of the bathtub.

Air compressor

Air compressor – is the main power unit of air massage (Airpool). Variety with preheating of the air raises the comfort of the massage.


Air-jet – brings the air from the air compressor for the relaxation skin massage.


Lighting / Chromotherapy – you can choose between halogen or LED lighting or chromotherapy, or combination. Lighting brings about very pleasant feeling and no other lighting of the room is necessary. Chromotherapy improves the relaxation effects of the massage by changing colours of lighting. The colour can be changed automatically or it can be chosen by the user.

Electronic control panel

Electronic control panel – is to control and set the parameters of the massage (water or air). In systems with pneumatic control, it is replaced with pneumatic button (on/off).

Control electronics

Control electronics – manages control, check and safety functions of the system. It is not to be found in systems with pneumatic controls.


Frame – creates a support construction of the bathtub, provides its stability and main components of the system are attached to it. Its shape and composition is specific for chosen bathtub type.

Automatic bathtub set

Automatic bathtub set – safety overflow with waste pipe. Waste pipe plug is controlled by rotary plug of the overflow by means of Bowden cable. It is possible to choose type with manual watering over the overflow.