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Advantages of the whirlpool tubs by the company LOREMA Wellness s.r.o.

  • We are the only Czech producer of hydro-massage appliances and components on the Czech market.
  • Free delivery throughout the Czech Republic
  • We are a producer of hydro-massage bathtubs with the longest tradition on the Czech market as we have operated since 1995.
  • We are the only producer to offer exclusive 10-year warranty on the hydro-massage systems control electronics of our production.
  • We are able to install hydro-massage system into every acrylic bathtub by all high-quality producers (e.g. Polysan, Teiko, Ravak, Hansgrohe, Ideal Standard etc.), whose technical construction allows the installation.

Choice of hydrotherapy

Massage bathtubs are used not only for relaxation but also for their preventive therapeutic effect on locomotory system diseases and for improving recovery.

Air massage: If you intend to use the hydro-massage bathtub for relaxation, the so called whirlpool massage will be perfect for you. This massage uses the air jets at the bottom of the bathtub. It is suitable for overall relaxation and regeneration of the organism and for inducing a peaceful feeling and harmony. It also appears efficient in insomnia treatment (as it calms the mind and prepares the body for sleep) and curing light mental problems.

Hydro massage: This massage is the best choice for curing health problems. It helps to improve blood circulation and blood supply into organs and muscles, soothes muscle convulsions, and it is beneficial for the whole locomotory system.

Every bathtub by the company LOREMA Wellness s.r.o. can have both massage systems (Combipool), which is ideal for those, who want to indulge an efficient overall massage and who also sometimes only want to relax in the bathtub.

Indulge a top quality massage in any hydro-massage bathtub of our production.
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