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Hydrotherapeutic systems are more and more desired bath-tub supplement in a modern bathroom. Their therapeutic and relaxation effect is appreciated by more and more satisfied customers. The quality and the reasonable price addresses not only those, who consider or realize new home building, but also users with previously built bathrooms thinking of reconstruction.

Basic types of hydrotherapy are:

  • whirlpool (water massage) - system of water therapeutic massage, realized by means of water jets with different size, shape and situated on the side, back and plantar wall of the bath-tub,
  • airpool (air massage) - system of air relaxation massage, realized by means of of air jets or wholes, situated on the bottom, eventually on the back part of the tub.
  • combipool - combination of both systems


Recommended procedure for choosing the most suitable system:

  1. Choose the shape and the size of the bath-tub according to Your needs - e.g. 1. step - Bath model
  2. Choose the hydromassage system corresponding to Your demands - e.g. 2. step - System
  3. Define the accessories complying to Your ideas - e.g. 3. step - Accessories

DON´T FORGET:  Company LOREMA Wellness s.r.o. installs the system into any bath-tub without exception of manufacturer if it’s technically possible. Provided warranty is 2 years.

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