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Gallery and references


Léčebné lázně Jáchymov
Jáchymov SPA
Czech Republic
SPA with built in Chromotherapy (color changing light)
We installed LED chromoteraphy spot lights into already operational SPA. LED spot chromoteraphy has a better light distribution compared to standard one source lights. This underwater unique system is 100% waterproof and has 8 color fixed modes and 4 modes with automatic color changing incl. the most popular color blending mode with full RGB spectrum.
Hotel U Zlaté Studně
Golden Well Hotel
Czech Republic
Whirlpool bath tub control for HOESCH bath tubs
The request of the client was to equip luxurious HOESCH whirlpool buthtubs with SAPHO Hydro & Air whirlpool control. The system requirements were maximum reliability, easy to use and intuitive operation for guests. The system was designed in such way that all client demands were met.
Dětský domov Kladno
Czech Republic
Special whirlpool bath tubs for infants and children with special needs
Whirlpool system and its intensity, bath tub dimensions, jets and their placement were specifically designed to match the age and body physique of infants and children up to 3 years of age. SLIM jets used, only 1mm high, prevent any discomfort, accident e.g. tripping by jets and furthermore they they can not be freely dismounted from the bath tub.
Parkhotel Sokolov
Czech Republic
Automatic whirplool bath tubs with token machine for public use
The job was to design and produce whirlpool bath tubs according to costumers special requirements incl. software change of control system. One person bath tubs (chosen model according to costumers choice) are equipped with: water and air massage, token machine for staff free operation (the token activates the system incl. time countdown), automatic water filling and draining, automatic disinfection, acoustic and light alarm, light.
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