The four-step assemblage of the massage system
1. Bath model 2. System 3. Accessories 4. Order
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Bath model

Type Length Producer
Search - the bath name
I have my own bath
more information about bath BERMUDA 155x155
BERMUDA 155x155
Kód: 33219
Dimensions: 1550x1550x470 mm
Volume: 355 l
Price incl. VAT:  898.22 €
more information about bath EDERA 152x152
EDERA 152x152
Kód: 91111
Dimensions: 1520x1520x540 mm
Volume: 370 l
Price incl. VAT:  810.62 €
more information about bath MAREA 150x150
MAREA 150x150
Kód: 92111
Dimensions: 1500x1500x430 mm
Volume: 275 l
Price incl. VAT:  691.40 €
more information about bath ROSANA 150x150
ROSANA 150x150
Kód: 63119
Dimensions: 1500x1500x490 mm
Volume: 365 l
Price incl. VAT:  733.58 €
more information about bath SIMONA 150x150
SIMONA 150x150
Kód: 94111
Dimensions: 1500x1500x440 mm
Volume: 300 l
Price incl. VAT:  638.69 €
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